Cast of Characters

Vincent O’Regan Steve Ackerman
Mamie Joyce Kelly Ballinger
Theresa Duffy Emmanuelle Bordas
Kerry Mulligan Gabriella D’Amato
Seamus Mulligan Wiliam Doyle
Mr. Alistair Carruthers Rob Fahn
Nora Mulligan Cara Ferro
Fr. Timothy Murphy Owen Flynn
Weasel Finnegan David Forsyth
Aunt Annie Ann Gubiotti
Lizzy Mulligan Caitlin Herbert
Bridie Burke Denise Higgins-Regan
Michael Francis Aloysius Finbar Brown Thomas Hughes
Kathleen Ryan Susan Huizinga
Meghan Mulligan Pat Knutsen
Willie Burke Gary Kozak
Mary Horan Dawn Lorenzo
Liam Morrissey Ted Louis
Eddie (the piano player) Edward Morand
Paul Healy Dominique Perez
Knuckles Nolan Eric Pratt
Aunt Nelly Jayme Stevens
Dan Dooley Kevin Sweeney
Maura O’Callahan Maryjo Tipaldo
Paddy Reilly Al Whidden
Irish Step Dancers Kevin Crockett, Maggie McDermott, Erin McDermott, Kailey O’Grady, Kristin O’Grady, Brigid Regan, Maeve Regan


Keyboard Edward Morand
Violin Sheila Maguire

Production Staff

Producer Susan Huizinga
Directors Betty Kash
Denise Higgins-Regan
Written By Betty Kash
Musical Director Edward Morand
Stage Manager Richard Schmonsees
Stage Crew Adele Ardolino, Marialana Ardolino,
Lori Vigil-Ortiz
Set Design Denise Higgins-Regan
Set Construction & Carpenter Steve Larson
House Manager Christine Kahaly
Tickets/Ushers Maryjo Tipaldo, Christine Kahaly, Margaret McMahon, Rita Forsyth, Eileen Malloy
Sound Eileen Monahan
Lights Arlene Keating
Spotlight David Hansen
Props Marialana Ardolino, Adele Ardolino & Cast
Costumes Barbara D’Amato, Cathy Ferro, Joanne Herbert & Cast
Publicity Ann Gubiotti Adele Ardolino, Marialana Ardolino, Pat Knutsen, Christine Kahaly, Richard Schmonsees
Ads Chrsitine Kahaly, Rocco Buonpane
Journal & Program Arlene Keating
Bio Coordinator Sam Pincus
Videographer Marialana Ardolino
Photo Board & Photographer Lynn Greer
Flyer & Poster Design Denise Higgins-Regan
Journal Cover Design Jonathan Caravello

Presidents Letter

February 16, 2007

Dear Members and Friends:

Welcome to our third revival of “Shhh! Don’t Wake the Corpse”. Mickey Sullivan has been raving about this show to me since I joined the group in 2001. Written by Betty Kash and co-directed with Denise Higgins-Regan, it was first produced by NCT in May 1992. Because it was such a hit, it was revived in February 1998, when Betty Kash went solo. I’m happy to report that Betty and Denise have teamed up once again to co-direct this Bay Ridge hit, and, with a stroke of genius, attract some surprise guests who will sure and make an audience laugh. This musical-comedy captures the spirit and culture of the people in a small town in Ireland attending a “ceili” given by Michael Francis Aloysious Finbar Brown.

I’m very proud to be part of this amazing cast and crew and happier still to partake in such a screwball, happy snapshot of real-life characters you might find in any Irish pub, in any town in Ireland. I have to admit that I became a little bit of an Irish lass meself during this show.

Why, who knew I would be baking Irish Soda Bread before the end of this production? And running out and buying “The Quiet Man”? Sit back, relax and be transported to the smallest town in Ireland and enjoy the ceili.

Susan Huizinga