Cast of Characters

Gengi Ito Toshi Nakayama
Mrs. Ito Anne Govin
Fred Narracott Rob Aloi
Vera Claythorne Dain Alexandra
Philip Lombard Bill Doyle
Anthony Marston Rocco Buonpane
William Blore David Forsyth
General MacKenzie Ted Lewis
Emily Brent Dawn Barry
Judge Lawrence Wargrave Al Whidden
Dr. Armstrong Larry Gutman

Production Staff

Producer Susan Huizinga
Director George Ferencz
Stage Manager Marialana Ardolino
Sound Designer Chris Sirota
Light & Sound Operators Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Costumes Adele Ardolino
Props George Wahlert, Joan Seergy
Set Design George Ferencz, Sam Barretto, Mickey Sullivan
Set Construction Sam Barretto, Eric Pratt, Gary Kozak, Kevin Sweeney, David Hansen
Set Dresser George Wahlert
Scenic Artist Maureen Healy
Stage Hand Ashley Herring
House Manager Christine kahaly
Tickets Christine Kahaly, MaryJo Tipaldo, Rita Forsyth, Eileen Malloy
Publicity Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, Christine Kahaly
Program Marialana Ardolino
Bio Coordinator Sam Pincus
Ad Coordinator Christine Kahaly
Videographer Susan Huizinga
Video Editing Chris Sirota
Picture Board Rocco Buonpane
Ushers Margaret Mcmahon, Ann Gubiotti, Jayme Stevens, Melissa Wally, Joe Autuoro, Sam Pincus, Victoria Prizzi, Karen Prizzi
Concession Betty Johnson, Mickey Sullivan, Pat Slovan, Pat Olsen, Fran O’Loughlin

Presidents Letter

May 2008

Dear Members and Friends:

It is with great pleasure that NCT is presenting an Agatha Christie riddle. But before I talk about this exciting production I want to announce that we are thrilled to have a temporary home at Salem Lutheran Church on 67th St between 4th and 5th Ave. We are eternally grateful to St. Pat’s for their 37 years of continued patronage and St. Pat’s will remain our main performance venue for as long as they will have us, however, the ability to store our sets and costumes and to rehearse has been an ongoing issue. While at a meeting of the Bay Ridge Community Council I discovered Salem Lutheran had a stage that hadn’t been used for 20 years. Anyone who knows me knows that my radar is always working when trying to find NCT storage and rehearsal space plus a location where we can hold performance classes.

Dennis Monsen, a Salem Lutheran parishioner, bless him, gave me the number of Pastor Weiber. I called. She and the parishioners made us feel right at home. Yes, the stage needs lots of renovation, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. NCT will present a concert on Friday, May 31st. Please join us for our kick-off production!

We are so very thankful to St. Patrick’s, Salem Lutheran, American Legion, and Shore Hill Senior Center for providing performance and rehearsal space for And Then There Were None. And though this cast may be small, they are large on talent. We were lucky to get talented actors, a devoted crew, and to entice George Ferencz to do what he does best for us: direct mysteries.

And Then There Were None, with 100 million sales to date, is the world’s best-selling mystery. This classic who-done-it takes place on an island where guests are invited to the estate of a mysterious stranger. Sit back, feel the sea breeze, smell the ocean, and shiver as you follow the grisly events where the ten guests react to being marooned on an island with a deadly stranger. And oh, this stranger is very much aware of their less-than-saintly past. His guests must unravel a deadly nursery rhyme. Do they? I’m not telling…

Susan Huizinga

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