Cast of Characters

Ebenezer Scrooge Sean Jarrell
Marley’s Ghost Kevin Sweeney
Ghost of Christmas Present
Sandwichboard Woman Julia Dimant
Ghost of Chistmas Past
Lamplighter Jenny Torgerson
Fred Anderson Tommy Kafkalas
Bob Crachit Michael Ables
Tiny Tim Cratchit Diana Marie Paunetto
Mrs. Cratchit Nicolette Shin
Cratchit Daughters Cara Mulrooney, Chiara Pizzirusso, Kathryn Raffellini
Fan at 10 Jennie Cosares
Fan at 6 Annaliese Raffellini
A Beadle / Old Joe Frank Togni
Scrooge at 8 Antonio Pizzirusso
Scrooge at 12 Ron Michael Galluccio
Young Ebeneezer Timothy Sundholm
Mr. Smythe Andrew Friedland
Grace Smythe Samantha Cosares
Jonathon Brandon Thomas Paunetto
Mrs. Mops MaryJo Tipaldo
Judge John Dreyer
Scrooge’s Father William Dreyer
Scrooge’s Mother Claire Ingoldsby
Mrs. Hawkins Margaret McMahon
Fezziwig Ron Michaels
Young Marley Jose Mendez
Emily Sarah Cappiello
Mrs. Fezziwig Susan Huizinga
Sally Anderson Audrey Mae DeRocker
Ghost of Christmas Future
Blind Old Hag Audrey Mae DeRocker


Carolyn Antonucci-Almeida, Mona Bruno, Jane Cascone
John Dreyer, Melissa Gaglia, Ashley Taylor Kelly, Pat Knutsen
Amanda Nicole Mendez, Julie Morrison, Victoria Richards
Nicolette Shin.

Childrens Ensemble

Stephanie Bruno, Jake Fenniman
Maria Pondikos, Mary-Kate Tramontano

Cameo Appaarance: Diana Raffellini


Sheila Plummer, Gordon Bartow, Damian Cremisio
Bobby Crow, Marla Gotay, Matthew Graves, Corey Harkins
Anthony Rodriguez, Phil Smith, Daisuke Suzuki

Production Staff

Producer Susan Huizinga
Director Jason T. Wiggins
Music Director Sheila Plummer
Choreographer Jennifer DeVane
Stage Manager Christina Marotto
Lighting Jenna Marie Sparacio, Carmine Pizzirusso
Sound Marialana Ardolino
Stage Crew Michael Vitucci, Cathy Sposato, Holly Lo Vo, Nicholas Raffellini, Eric Fenniman, Carmine Pizzirusso
Costumes Michelle Macdonald, Lisa Fenniman, Jennifer DeVane
Props Margaret McMahon, Mickey Sullivan, Barbara Harkins, Carolyn Antonucci-Almeida
Spotlights Gary Lovisi, Lucille Lovisi
Projections Victoria Richards, Jason T. Wiggins
Set Construction Michael Vitucci, Lucille Lovisi, Nicholas Raffellini
Set Design Jason T. Wiggins, Michael Vitucci
Tickets Dawn Barry Hansen, Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Publicity Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Program Marialana Ardolino
Program Cover Ann Gubiotti
Ads Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Huizinga
Lobby Board Nicole Macdonald
Photography Nicole Macdonald
Endless Copies Meredith Halsey

Presidents Letter

December 2011

Dear Members and Friends:
Season’s Greetings to all our Friends, Family and Members. We are joyous to be bringing you this live Christmas card. With a sweeping score by Alen Menken and lyrics by Lynn Arhens, A Christmas Carol, The Musical, tells the story of redemption through the Spirit of Christmas. Charles Dicken’s memorable classic is forever engraved in our hearts.

Was there ever a character as deliciously appalling and delightfully redeeming as Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge? Rather like Sweeney Todd morphing into Santa Claus. Alas, no redemption for Mr. Todd as he didn’t have three spirits to guide him. But we have Sean Jarrell, whose interpretation of Mr. Humbug Himself, is cause for a jubilee.

A toast to new-comer Jason Thomas Wiggins, as he Directed and educated us with passion, hard work and joy. Reminiscent of Betty Kash, an NCT Director who also understands the importance of the Ensemble.

We would like to thank Sheila Plummer, our Music Director for her first foray with NCT. Welcoming back No-Stranger-to-NCT, Jennifer DeVane, whose talents extend beyond choreography! She sews, too(!) lending an expert hand to Michelle Macdonald, as they whipped up beautiful period costumes.

Once again, our gratitude to Commander Gould, Deputy to the Commander Renee Citron, CMS Sylvia Laughlin, Sarah Johnson, Wallace Grant, Juan Caez, Rocco Mandile, Michael Campbell, Lisa Sheehan, Cathy SantoPietro and all the fabulous folks who we interact with at the Fort. We are humbly grateful for your support.

It was a gratifying year for Narrows Community Theater as we were welcomed back into the beautiful Fort Theater on our 40th Anniversary. It’s a gift to present shows from the Fort Hamilton Army Base. Yet, we will never forget our friends who sustained this wandering minstrel troupe for nine years, so stay tuned for The Unexpected Guest to be presented from our home away from home, St. Patrick’s in early Spring 2012.

Narrows Community Theater would like to wish you are yours the Best Christmas Ever. And in the immortal words of Tiny Tim “God Bless Us, Everyone.”

Susan Huizinga

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